Recruitment and rigid selection that includes bio-data screening, interviews,
character checking and actual skill training.


Documentation and processing services, i.e. securing employment and travel eligibility requirements from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Maritime Industries Authority (MARINA) & Department of Foreign affairs (DFA).


Proper education and experience / Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) The company boast of its manpower pool that includes all the needed skills in manning a ship. Its manpower reserves have gone through government authorities. Added to this, is their training on practical exercises in cargo handling, food preparation, housekeeping and sanitation. Likewise, the government required courses in compliance with IMO standards and STCW 95 rules and regulations.

Processing of Allotment Remittance

We make it simple and secure for you to remit to your own account, send money anywhere to anyone in the Philippines or even make payments, in almost real-time*. Through our remittance products and services especially designed for your needs, we enable you to exercise greater control of your hard-earned funds so you can save and achieve your financial goals.

What makes filipino seamen so well desired by ship owners all over the world.

Filipino seamen are being hired today over other nationalities primarily because of their qualifications which are as follows.

  • English Language
    Facility with the english language. They easily understand the “lingua franca” of the sea and international trade in written and oral instruction.
  • Seamanship Training
    They have undergone seamanship training under the government supervision.
  • Industrious, friendly and adaptable
    They are industrious, friendly and adaptable to all European, Western and Eastern cultures, as well as the other Asian Pacific countries which facilitates integration and harmonious relationships aboard the ship.
  • Loyal, disciplined and hardworking
    They are loyal, disciplined and hardworking thus assuring the ship owners of a fair safe return on their investments.
  • The world’s greatest bargain
    Wage standards that filipino requires is still within the reach of all international ship owners thus making them the world’s greatest bargain.
  • No problem of victualing
    No problem of victualing as there is no religious and cultural restraints on his diet.
  • Accepted for entry in any country
    Accepted for entry in any country of the world because no government in the world harbors any hostility towards the Philippines.
  • Mostly grew up in a truly maritime environment
    They feel at home on board the vessel because they come from a long line of seafarers and mostly grew up in a truly maritime environment.

Crewing / Manning of ocean going vessels of foreign ship owners and/or principals

Accredited Medical Clinics


The company maintains the services of an authorized and licensed medical clinic/s to see to it that the seaman applicants are physically fit, neat and good in hygiene, added to their qualities of being hardworking, loyalty and obedient.

Accredited Training Center

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